Notre Dame

Paris Institute of Creative Art is a study abroad program developed by artists and scholars who are passionate about their field of study and about the value and importance of study abroad experiences in today’s increasingly global world. All faculty and staff members have had extensive experiences living, studying and working abroad and have likewise taught in study abroad programs for many years. Our desire is to bring together the best of our own experiences–as students, teachers, scholars and artists–to create a study abroad program built to help students have the truly transformative experience Study Abroad should be. It is our goal to introduce Paris, France and French culture in its myriad forms while helping students to gain access to Parisians and the French as opposed to so many study abroad programs where students mostly remain in American or English language ghettos. All faculty and staff members are multi-lingual and have lived in Paris for extensive periods which enables them to help students know where to go to find a more authentic French experience. Likewise, it is our belief that undertaking university studies is the ideal time to push out, to challenge oneself and be exposed to new ideas and experiences. Every student who can should have an extended study abroad experience. Not only is this essential for each student’s personal development but in today’s increasingly global world, it becomes ever-more important to be at ease with different cultures and different languages.

At PICA we believe that creativity will always be at the center of a meaningful life and that the discipline and creativity necessary to develop interesting academic projects are the same skills necessary to lead a successful work life in any field. It is for this reason that we stress the liberal, visual and performing arts in our program. We offer a wide range of classes in the Studio Arts (painting, drawing, photography, book arts, printmaking) and in Liberal Arts (art history, cinema, literature and French language). All classes are currently in English except French language classes.

PICA has developed a partnership with the Institut de langue et de culture françaises (ILCF) for both French and English language courses which enables students to take French language classes at various levels and to have access to a small selection of excellent humanities courses in English (History of Fashion, History of French Cinema and others). An added bonus to classes taken at the ILCF is the very international group of students they attract. PICA students will meet students from around the world in these classes!