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Plan Ahead

It’s important to begin thinking about and beginning the application for study abroad in advance. This is especially important for semester length studies as students will be taking a greater number of classes and so will need to consult with their home school before or during the application process to make sure all the classes you take with PICA will receive credit (this is usually the case but it’s important to look into this ahead of time to avoid disappointment later!).

Obtaining a Passport

For those who do not have a passport, this will be a necessity for studying in France and can take several weeks or more to complete the application and receive your passport. No passport, no travel to France from North America!

International Flights

Your PICA tuition and fees cover many things, including all classwork, orientation activities, many excursions and cultural events once in Paris, a metro pass. However, it does not cover the cost of international flights to and from Paris. This will be one of your bigger expenses for studying abroad. Purchasing your tickets earlier helps keep the costs more reasonable.

If you’re ready to make the leap, click here to begin the Paris Application Process with our partners Athena Abroad!

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