Cultural Activities

All students who have signed up for and paid the cultural activities fee will have access to a number of cultural events each semester. This will include a selection of dance, music and theater performances.Additional Cultural Activities

• Chorale
• Pâtisserie
• Cuisine française 

• Dégustation des vins (Ô Chateau – Les caves, 68 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau Paris 1er.
• Atelier de conversation. Déjeuners linguistiques. Ateliers d’échanges de conversation franco-américaine.

Excursions with the Club International des Jeunes à Paris

In addition to trips which are organized within the PICA program, students will also have the opportunity to take part in a number of excursions with CIJP which brings together young students from around the world to take short weekend trips to explore different parts of France. A great chance to see more of France at very reasonable prices while also having a chance to meet other international students.


About ten days before the scheduled excursion, all the details will be posted.
Students must reserve their spot on the excursion ahead of time. Be aware that there will be no refund for cancellations less than a week before the trip.

Prices include transportation, all paid entrances, guided visits and lodging. Students must pay for all meals except breakfast.

Be sure to check out the rules for all trips taken with CIJP.

Sample trips:

• Reims
• Belgique

• Châteaux de la Loire
• Mont Saint-Michel



• La Dame aux camélias, d’après Alexandre Dumas fils et Georges Bataille
• Chocolat, clown nègre, 
de Gérard Noiriely. Théâtre
•Inconnu à cette adresse, 
de Kressmann Taylor adapté par Michèle Lévy-BraThéâtre
de David Mamet.Théâtre

• Werther. 
• Le Barbier de Séville. Opéra
• Le Lac des Cygnes. 

Other Events

  • Dîner international
  • Chandeleur
  • Galette des rois