Paris Neighborhood Highlights

Musée Picasso

Musée Picasso © McCarthy

So many highlights to see in Paris! Short-term visitors and even year-long study abroad students can get caught up in visiting the same sections of Paris over and over. Sure, the Marais is wonderful but it’s not the only interesting part of Paris!

The PICA website provides a list of the countless paris highlights and visits broken down by the 20 different arrondissements (neighborhoods) in Paris. Spend enough time in Paris wandering around and you’ll come up with your own list, but here are some good suggestions to help you get started discovering highlights in each neighborhood of Paris.

Outside of the countless famous monuments throughout Paris another lesser known interest in visiting Paris is the variety of its neighborhoods. There is the hilltop Montmartre neighborhoods, formerly home to young artists such as Picasso at the beginning of the 20th century. The Belleville neighborhood has long been a gathering point of recently arrived immigrants. The Marais district holds the core of the remaining Medieval architecture in Paris. The Latin Quarter is the historic education center of Paris. There is unity and uniqueness throughout Paris which underlines the importance of going beyond the world-famous sites and seeking out how life is Paris is today.

Check out and their list of places to visit in each arrondissement of Paris: Architectural & Cultural Highlights of Paris

And check out the PICA Paris Neighborhoods page for more ideas about what to see and visit.

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