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Program Structure: Paris Institute of Creative Arts offers a 3 week Summer program in Paris. Students studying during the summer enroll for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 credit hours for each session. Students will be required to take the History of Art & Architecture in Paris class and have the option of adding an additional 3 credits of coursework by taking the digital photography class. The two courses are designed to compli

Summer Program: June Session (3 Weeks) Total Credits: 3-6

Subjects: History of Art & Architecture in Paris (3 credits), Digital Photography (3 credits) or French Language (6 credits)

Classroom Structure & Instruction:

Art History Class:  This class will meet 3 hours per day, Monday through Thursday with one Friday excursion. The Art History class combines in-class lectures, discussion, and on-site visits to art museums as well as visits to different monuments and historical sites around Paris. In addition to the visits, students will be required to complete reading assignments in preparation for the visits. The class will be reading intensive with a writing component requiring work outside of regular class-time.

Digital Photography Class: A hands-on course meets 4 hours per day, Monday through Thursday. One Friday field trip is scheduled during the session. Combines extensive field trip visits in and around Paris. Much of the class will take place in the streets and parks of the city as we look at the many diverse neighborhoods in Paris. We’ll also visit some gallery and/or museum photography exhibits. Students will be asked to write two or three short papers relating to exhibits and/or readings given in class. Students will be required to do some additional reading/writing assignments outside class as well as some photography and photo editing work.

French Language Class:  These classes will meet 4 hours per day (21 hours per week) Monday through Friday. Students are placed at their appropriate level in French. Classes focus on French grammar and improving aural comprehension and written and verbal communication skills. These intensive courses are ideal for making significant progress in language skills in a short period. Normally, students are discouraged from taking other classes in addition to the intensive French language class although exceptions may be made to add on the Digital Photography class. French Language classes are offered by our partner the Institut de langue et de civilisation françaises.

Grading and Evaluation: Students are graded using the American University model of evaluation.

Transcripts: Students will receive a PICA transcript at the conclusion of their study period (usually within two weeks of the final exam). For those students needing a transcript directly from our accrediting university (Whittier College in California), this can also be sent.

Field Trips: Every student has the opportunity to participate in at least one walking tour of Paris during the orientation period. Most art history and studio art courses integrate on-site visits to museums and exhibitions and may also require day trips. Special excursions are considered an integral part of the course curriculum and attendance is mandatory. Museum entry fees during class time are covered by the PICA program.

Activities for all students covered by the activities fee:

  • Welcome Dinner
  • Two half-day trips outside Paris (Versailles, Fontainebleau, Provins, Troyes, Chantilly, Giverny are some of the possibilities).

Registering for Courses:

  • Students will be invited to pre-register for classes after they have been accepted into the program.
  • Students may enroll for either 3 or 6 credits of coursework.
  • Students wishing to take the French Language class must take this for the full 6 credits.
  • Students not taking French are required to take the Art History class for 3 credits and have the option to add a Digital Photography class for another 3 credits.

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