Each Summer PICA offers a Paris study abroad experience for students wishing to have that special experience of living in Paris, one of the greatest, most beautiful cities in the world. PICA offers a small number of classes for a short term study period. Students are required to take either an intensive French language class or the Art & Architecture of Paris art history class. For those taking the art history class, they also have the option of taking a digital photography class. In the case of the art history option, students will be out and about visiting Paris and its museums on a daily basis. Paris is ideal during the Summer months when the weather is warm, the cafés are filled and it seems there’s a music or cultural festival every weekend. What can be better than Summer study abroad in Paris?

Photography I: (Discovering Paris Through Photography (Digital Photography)
(3 credits)

In this class, students will explore the visual language of photography using Paris as their studio. Paris’ many layered history juxtaposed with its current global urban landscape offers a unique opportunity to photograph an important European city. The technical component of the class consists of mastering manual camera operation and exposure. Students working digitally will learn to use imaging software including Photoshop and digital output to inkjet printers. The students gain an understanding of the aesthetic possibilities of photography through assignments, lectures on both historic and contemporary photographers, photo field trips in Paris and visits to photo galleries and museums. Individual as well as group critiques will be an important component of the class. Students will be expected to complete a final project in which they choose one aspect of Paris’ multi-layered landscape to visually explore in-depth. Students are required to either have a digital 35mm camera or a compact digital camera with manual override functions. Access to a personal laptop computer is required for those working digitally. Open to all students.

Photography I: Darkroom / Film Photography (3 credits) 
This course provides students with a thorough introduction to exposing, processing and printing 35mm black and white film. The class consists of a series of lectures and demonstrations that familiarize the student with the technical and aesthetic developments in the 150-year history of photography. Assignments are given on a regular basis and critiqued in class. Students must present a portfolio for individual critique at mid-semester and at the end of term. Equal emphasis is placed on technical and aesthetic development. A 35mm reflex camera with a manual option is essential equipment for the class. Open to all students.

Paris Sketchbook (3 credits)
Participants record their observations in sketchbook form on daily outings to significant sites. Paris, incomparably rich historically and visually, provides a host of subjects ideal for improving drawing technique. The concentration required in drawing directly from observation leads to a deeper understanding of the city’s forms. Speed and fluency are stressed. Drawing instruction includes concrete, fundamental drawing ideas with appropriate locales. Open to all students.

French Language I (3 credits)
Introduction to the use of French as a spoken language. Fundamentals of grammar. Basic patterns of oral communication and writing, acquisition of practical survival skills.

History of Art in Paris (3 credits)
Weekly class lectures and on-site visits provide a survey of Paris art and architecture from the founding of the ancient city on the Ile de la Cité through to the 19th century. Students study each period’s art and architecture and define its place within the general context of French civilization.  Students confront how the “idea” of Paris had bearing upon the formation of its art and architecture within the chronological context. The course as a whole can be considered an introduction to art history in the field, as each week the class visits an historical site or museum in order to reconstruct through living examples the artistic fabric of the city.