The Paris Institute of Creative Arts project has been shaped, developed and created over many years and as a consequence of numerous study abroad experiences (both as students as well as teachers in many different programs). Nearly all the faculty and staff associated with PICA have had extensive experience living, studying and/or working in foreign countries and it is these experiences–the good ones as well as the less good ones–which have helped guide us in structuring the PICA program in a way we believe offers more of the qualities we have found beneficial during our own experiences living and working abroad.

We are convinced that the study abroad experience is one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences a university student can undertake as students are forced to move out of their comfort zone, out of the standard approaches to education through reading and test taking and into the experiential. At PICA, Paris is our campus and everyday life will bring equally valuable learning experiences to those encountered in the classroom. It is our belief that the knowledge gained in the various classes offered by PICA will serve to help students profit even more from their experiences in the city of Paris and beyond.

Michael McCarthy
Paris Institute of Creative Arts