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Art History Class

Art History Class

Come to Paris for your Study Abroad experience! Amazing city filled with history and culture. Centrally located to allow easy and quick access to many of the great European capitals.

Bookmark the PICA site and return regularly. Always developing new programs and classes and we regularly update our blog and our information pages to help students discover as much of what Paris has to offer (recommended restaurants, shopping, museums and other cultural events are regularly updated on our site).

PICA offers classes in Art History/Culture, Photography, Drawing, Printmaking, Bookmaking, French language and others offered by a passionate and devoted team of experienced teachers. All classes offered in English (with the exception of French language classes). Partnered with the Institut Catholique for French language courses as well as a selection of history classes in English (Cinema, Fashion, Art & Architecture).

We intentionally keep our program small so students will be much more than a number.

Check out these pages for more information about PICA’s offerings for Paris  study abroad programs:

About PICA

The Paris Institute of Creative Arts offers January, Summer and semester-length university courses with a focus on arts-related subjects. Course offerings include art history, visual arts, creative writing, dance, French language and more. All classes are in English except French language and are available to university students at Sophomore or higher level.

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