Restaurants and Eating Options in Paris

Paris Café

Paris Café

Restaurants Universitaires

Where to find a good restaurant in Paris? It’s not so much where, but which ones–there are good quality restaurants in every neighborhood! For the budget conscious student there are Restaurants Universitaires with their amazingly affordable prices: 3 course meals for about 3 euros (for those with a student card).  These won’t offer a great gourmet experience but you’ll always get a good balanced meal. For a special night out Paris has some of finest and trendiest restaurants in the world. Luckily, there are also countless options in between. Our list focuses on food options for the budget conscious student. While Paris is not a cheap city, it does have some reasonable and affordable options for eating.


Outside of the Restaurants Universitaires, there are also countless Boulangeries throughout the city.  Here you’ll find good quality sandwiches, quiches and sometimes pizza slices for under 5 euros or under 8 euros for a formule (sandwich, drink and desert). We don’t make too many specific recommendations in our list as every neighborhood already has countless options. Try one on your regular routes in Paris, chances are it will be pretty decent.

Food Trucks

A relatively new phenomenon, Paris has seen the development of more and more food trucks throughout the city. The difference from most of the food trucks found in North America: many of these offer really top quality food. Le camion qui fume (Smoking Van) was one of the first, specializing in gourmet hamburgers but there are many more in the list you’ll find below.

Ethnic Restaurants

World capital that Paris is, you’ll find food from everywhere in the world. Specialities from all over  France and from every continent in the world.  And as the French are very demanding about the quality of their food one mostly eats well in Paris.

We have put together an always-growing list of food options listed by neighborhood (arrondissement) in Paris and some nearby towns. We’ve added a price code to help identify restaurants which are really good deals (€), reasonably priced (€€) or a bit pricey (€€€). The lists often include short descriptions of the types of food to be found or other unique aspect to the restaurant.

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