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Online Transportation Resources

PICA has been steadily gathering (and we try to keep as current as possible) a list of useful internet resources on Paris that allow our students to have access to the most useful tools and information to help make their study abroad experience the most interesting and productive one it can be!

  • RATP (Paris region métro, tram and bus service. A great site to figure out how long it will take to get to a destination as well as the different lines you’ll take to get there).
  • SNCF national train service in France. Paris has seven different train stations going in every direction in France and beyond. Be sure you know which station your train will be leaving from!
  • Velib (Bicycle share system in Paris, you’ll need a chip-based credit card to use the system). A wonderful way to see and visit Paris but you must be extremely vigilant while using a bicycle in Paris as the number of dedicated and protected bicycle lanes is still limited and traffic can sometimes move at relatively high speeds.
  • Hostelling International (find a youth hostel to keep costs down and meet other travellers). Typically offering shared rooms with four to as many as ten beds, this is a great way to meet other interesting travellers from around the world. Be careful, however, with your belongings as theft can happen.
  • (live like a local by staying in local houses and apartments).
  • (for the more adventurous: stay in an apartment with a local).
  • (good system for reserving hotel rooms. Their list typically begins with 2 star hotels and goes up to luxurious 5 stars but depending on where you’re going and how many people need a room, there are good deals to be found).
  • Insiders Abroad Insiders Abroad is an online community for English-speaking expats and tourists in France, Italy and Spain.
  • RyanAir For cheap airfares from Paris Beauvais airport (which requires a special bus fee to get to) fly to many destinations throughout Europe. Be aware of extra charges: bus to and from smaller, more distant airports, no free baggage, no free meal, etc.
  • Easyjet Another cheap airline that has many routes out of Paris but which fly out of the more easily accessible Roissy and Orly airports.
  • TaMété (local weather forecasts) to help you plan for weather at your travel destination.

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