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Paris Study Abroad Sample Semester Budget

The Paris Institute of Creative Arts  has put together some financial information to help students anticipate potential costs with our sample semester budget. Obviously, the amount of money each student will spend depends a great deal on their own spending habits. We recommend that students hold off on big purchases when they first arrive in Paris while they adjust not only to the cost of living in Paris (which may be quite different from what you’re used to from your college or home town) but also to allow some time to adjust to using euros instead of dollars for purchases. Additionally, as students visit different neighborhoods in Paris they will begin to better understand that certain parts of town are more expensive than others. As one might imagine, the closer one is to touristy sections of town, the more expensive most things become–from clothing we might buy in shops to the coffee we order in a café.

PICA Paris Semester Program Fee:

Tuition, Lodging & Fees $15,995

Additional Expenses:

Meals: $1,300 – $2,500
Round-Trip Airfare: $1,000 – $1,400
Miscellaneous: $1,200
Total: $3,500 – $4,800

Sample Expenses:

One-Time Expenses (exchange May 2019: 1 euro= $1.12
Books: 100€ ($112)

Study Abroad Medical Insurance (estimated)*
200€ ($225) (fall)
400€ ($450) (year)

Monthly Expenses (estimate)
Meals (if preparing own meals)
Breakfast: 60-90€ ($70-125)
Lunch: 125-230€ ($150-270)
Dinner: 150-250€ ($170-300)

In-city transportation
Pass Navigo for unlimited travel in Paris: 76€ ($87)

Entertainment (cost per event)
Movies (with student card): 7€ ($9)
Theatre (with student card): 15€ ($17)
Private Museums (students access national museums for free with student card): 7€ ($9)

Travel expenses before or after the term, and any trips taken during the mid-term break, are not included in this estimate. There are many free events sponsored by the University of Paris (bicycling, theatre, choral groups, etc.). These activities are fun and also serve as an excellent way of meeting French students.

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