Paris Black and White Photo Class
Louvre Pyramid at Sunset

Our mission at The Paris Institute of Creative Arts is to provide students the chance to develop their own personal, academic and artistic identities in Paris, one of the most inspiring cities in the world. Paris will be the student’s classroom, meeting in the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay or the Centre Pompidou to look at the great art works of the past, sitting in cafés to study the French way of life and working with artists in their own studios to see, first hand, how they develop their work. Throughout these various experiences in and around Paris, the faculty and staff at PICA strive to create a community offering a rich interchange of ideas, where students are asked to challenge themselves not only as young artists, dancers, musicians and intellectuals but as individuals trying to forge their own identities.

PICA‘s goal is to facilitate student’s growth as artists, intellectuals and individuals through disciplined research and practice, with open dialog, exposure to new and varied ideas while encouraging experimentation and risk taking.  This in turn helps students develop the skills and flexibility necessary for success in the globalised and quickly changing 21st century world. PICA seeks to foster this goal through accessible, rigorous, and meaningful learning experiences that emphasize:

  • A liberal arts education, offering broad exposure to different ideas and perspectives
  • developing maturity necessary to live in international communities with values and customs different from one’s own
  • The important contribution French art and culture have made and continue to make on the Western world
  • The discipline and the passion vital to the study and participation in the visual, performing and liberal arts
  • The technical and analytical skills necessary for mature intellectual and artistic expression
  • The value of excellence in academic and artistic endeavor

PICA offers a range of courses in subjects including the visual arts, French language, history of art (and cinema, fashion, photography), literature, creative writing and more which we believe encourage the openness and flexibility now essential for our increasingly globalised and inter-cultural 21st century world. We believe in challenging our students to confront hard and highly nuanced questions in their research and creative projects but which can also extend into their personal lives. At PICA we believe that Paris offers innumerable and amazingly rich opportunities for students to grow and develop. Paris is an unmatched resource not only for its wonderful world class museums and galleries, its spectacular architecture spanning more than two millennia but also for the living contemporary culture that comes to Paris from every corner of the globe–in its musical, dance and theatre performances, in its world class cinema offerings, its fashion, design and culinary achievements–and so much more.

PICA endeavors to create a small and familial environment with teachers and staff who are passionate about the importance of university education and the incredible value of the study abroad experience. All our faculty are actively engaged in their own professional research (be it in the visual or performing arts or in academic research) and they are excited to share their research and discoveries with students who are just beginning their own quest for a direction in their studies and in their personal life. It is our belief that education, in addition to helping students develop skills making them attractive to employers, will also provide a way of engaging with life’s experiences that will stay with them and enrich them throughout the rest of their lives in whatever professional paths they may choose to follow.